2017 Global Game Jam

Friday, Feb 3, 2017

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Global Game Jam, I’m back

(I know, I’m late into this party)

Usually, when you have a great time at an event, you really want to go back there next year. That’s exactly what happened with the Global Game Jam. I went last year and I really had a blast. Last year I went to the swiss “Castle Jam” in La Tour-de-Peilz.

This year, they had to go a bit bigger, as the number of paricipants went up quite a bit. We moved to the castle of Yverdon-Les-Bains.

The castle of Yverdon

We went with almost the same team as last year, only one of our teammates couldn’t make it this year because of his exams. So we went with this team :

  1. Antoine and I did all the programming (I’ll talk about that a bit later)
  2. ChloƩ and Lionel did all the graphics,
  3. Anthony did the music and the playtests.

We had a small meeting the week before just so we could talk about what kind of game we could/wanted to do. We talked quite a lot and shared ideas while showing games we liked. (which could be used as inspiration).

We didn’t want to make the same mistakes that we did last year and decided to go with a shooter/shoot-them-up type of game. We could use the game engine we used last year (Phaser.js) because we already had some experience with it and many examples and help is available.

More importantly, it’s a game that can be prototyped quickly (at least faster than last year’s game) and this would allow us to iterate more and correct some problems while developing the game.

Apocalypse Miaou

This is the game we made during this week-end, Apocalypse Miaou, a side scrolling shooter featuring two felines punishing the filthy humans for messing with the climate. This game has a lion wearing sunglasses that rides a rocket while shooting a submachine gun… you can’t get more awesome than that.

Here’s a short video of the game (it’s a bit slugish)

As you can see, it’s quite dynamic with a fast pace.

I think we came up with something pretty good. Keep in mind that this is our second game jam and our second game… ever. At the end, the game is playable but kinda difficult. The difficulty isn’t balanced out and the waves of ennemies aren’t really well defined.

This taught us a lot about game and level design. Creating a level that is not too easy or not too hard isn’t as easy as it seems and it requires quite a lot of testing.

Again, we learned a lot this year and got even more experience. We’ll come back next year and make something even better.

As a final note, I’d like to say thank you to ChloĆ©, Lionel and Anthony, because they let Antoine and I crash at their place. I’d like to thanks the organizers of this year’s Castle Jam and also say thanks to all the people who tried our game and gave us feedbacks.

I think I’ll keep working on this game and try to make it better. Add more levels, add sounds etc.