Eric Dupertuis

Don't be stupid, don't expose your smartphone

Ok so this friday I took my usual train at 08:07 and as always, it was really, really crowded.

I was standing in the middle of the train and in front of me there was this guy in a suit. Let’s call him Jeff.

So this Jeff guy was turning his back at me and I couldn’t see his face but for what I could see it looked like he was in his late 40’s and he had a very business men look.

Like 90% of people in the train, Jeff was using his smartphone. The problem was, he wasn’t hiding his screen at all.

He was holding his smartphone right in front of him so, I could see everything he was doing. And I saw him log in his Office 365 account. I saw his e-mail address and even saw his password. So now, I have access to some business executive (as his id, hanging from his trousers, said) email account, with sensitive informations on it. And it’s not like I hacked him or anything, It was just here, right in front of my nose.

Of course I won’t do anything evil with it because I’m not an a-hole, but please, for anyone who reads this, when you use your smartphone and you have some sensitive informations on it, don’t fuck it up. Don’t show your password to everybody else, you never know who’s looking at you. Someone with bad intentions might be looking over your shoulder.

(Oh and his smartphone wasn’t locked with a password or a pattern, just a simple “swipe to unlock”, which is stupid).

Please don’t be stupid and take care about these sort of things.